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Why choose a Carplounge product?

We specialize in the production of bait-boats and its accessories. In the course of recent years, we have developed the most extensive complete range of high-end area for our demanding customers. Our boats are basically "tools" for professional carp anglers who need a bait boat, which is regularly used under the toughest conditions. Our expert team consists of 32 employees, so we can offer a service that is unparalleled. You are also welcome to make an appointment to come visit and convince yourself of our products with a test ride on the lake.

  Qualified staff

Over the course of the past years, our trained technicians have built up over 12000 bait boats from the RT series for our customers all over the world. Each technician in our Willich production facility specializes in specific tasks such as; the sonar construction, electronics installation, drive assembly, testing at the lake, etc.

There is not another bait boat builder with more experience in the high-end bait boat market within German speaking countries, if not Europe. Some competitors call themselves market leaders, we are named as the market leader by customers, trade media and suppliers.

  32 Carplounge Employees / Development Team extended!

As of the start of July, our autopilot developer Fabian supports us full-time!

As an external developer, Fabian has helped us to develop the autopilot and the mapping hardware over the last years. Since more than half of our boats are now being ordered with the Carplounge autopilot, it was time to get him on board as our 32. employee and head of development.

During the last couple of weeks, we already had 6 app updates with many new functions.  

Some interesting app updates for our current V3 autopilot are currently being worked on and will surely turn some heads :)

Our full-time development team consists of one hardware developer, one software developer and one 3D designer. That way we are able to implement all of our customers’ wishes and our own ideas quickly without having to rely on external collaborators.

Their own development department– that is something only Carplounge has!

  Brand name electronics

Our RT-boats are not designed according to a specific budget, but our prices depend on the components for the production that were selected and tested by the technicians. Certainly there are cheaper manufacturers, but based on the high demand and positive feedback from our customers over the years, it goes to prove that we are following the right philosophy by providing the right products to our discerning customers. Basically, we only install quality brand electronics from the professional modeling industry such as Robbe, Graupner, etc. because by using the highest quality parts can we ensure the longest possible value retention and durability of our products.

  Modular design & expandability

Our RT3 & RT4 boats are based on the model fro our personally developed BUS System. Benefits of SMD loaded BUS system are fast, concise and dependable/reliable installation of the electronics. The disadvantages are costs more than twice as high as compared to a normal control unit, but prove their value due to their reliability. For years our Carplounge BUS system has already been installed in more than 9000 RT boats and been optimized for absolute reliability. The bus system is coated with a nano sealant and is thus completely resistant to moisture. .

Another advantage of our boats is located in the modular building. Subsequently extra features such as depth sounders / sonar / GPS can also be retrofitted at any time Our boats are built exclusively to order according to the individual wishes of customers. If you have any special requirements, eg. other LED colors, positions, etc., we will incorporate them free of charge during production.

  Consistent value

Sought after quality products maintain a consistent value..Through the constantly high demand for our RT products, Carplounge Bait Boats offer the by far the highest value retention. Depending on usage, our boats will loose a maximum 15-20% of the new value, even after 3-4 years of use, which allows for resale without great losses. 
Especially in the bait boat market where 20-30% loss in value per year are the norm, our boats clearly prove themselves to be a good investment.

  Industrial clients

We don't only build our boats for anglers. In the course of recent years, we have built more and more boats as functional models for the industry and various organizations in accordance with their various requirements. For example, our boats are used by some of excavator/gravel pit companies to create depth maps, and thus to verify the restoration of waters. 

Among other Projects, we are cooperating with the Georg Agricola Technical University (THGA), which is using our RT4 with autopilot in the gravel Pit sector to optimize the extraction of gravel and sand. The well known RWTH Aachen also uses the RT4 as a research and surveying boat, which is also best suited for the maintenance and renaturation of waters thanks to the high-resolution 3D map generating. Frequently our boats are also used by dog trainers in the sport of hunting, whereby they are utilized to train dogs in the retrieval of game birds. Also landscape engineers use our stable and powerfully driven boats to investigate standing and flowing waters eg, around the foundations of the bridge piers, to verify possible undermining with our sonar. Especially in fast flowing waters, such as the Rhine, there is nothing comparable to our RT4 brush-less motors. 

Our underwater cameras are no longer known only by anglers. Many (research) institutes such as the Federal Ministry for Environment and Agriculture and the Water and Shipping Authority Luebeck, as well as fire departments, THW and the DLRG have our cameras in larger numbers as radio or wired version and have them in regular use .

Looking for a powerfully driven boat or functional camera system to meet your needs ? Write to us and surely we can find a custom solution for your specific needs.

  Improved customer service

Due to the rising number of orders we have improved our customer service for you. If you have any questions about products you already purchased or about the current status of your order you can contact our after sales manager Daniel Radmacher via email or via phone 0049 2151 1544844. 
Usually all inquiries are answered within 24 hours in order to offer you our help and advice also after the purchase.

  Carplounge Service – now with 7 full time employees!

Due to the steadily increasing number of orders, we have extended our service for you.

Within the last couple of years our production has nearly doubled every year. This year we celebrated our ten-year anniversary and within those ten years we have built more than 9000 bait boats following individual orders and shipped them worldwide! Currently our technicians produce around 250-280 RT4 per month.

During the last couple of years especially at busy times like during the holiday season, it happened that the handling time for the service was quite long since the service department consisted of only two employees until early this year. 

It is very important to us to offer first class service besides first class products. Thus, we extended our service department this year using some of our most experienced technicians and trained model making experts so that it consists of 7(!) full time employees now.

Our service department mainly works on retrofits for customer boats. Ever month they retrofit for example 60-80 RT4 boats with the autopilot system and retrospectively put in bait spirals for 100-120 customer RT4 boats. 

Besides the upgrades, our service employees also make sure to provide fast help concerning questions, malfunctions or defect if they should arise.

Concerning this, please contact us via phone. Our employees are usually able to solve around 90% of problems/defects on the phone with you so that the product doesn’t have to be sent in. 

Besides that, our customers also use our upgrade service frequently: Our customers have the opportunity to bring their older bait boats up to date with the latest remotes, current engines or echo sounders.  

  Europe wide pick-upservice. 

Should your Carplounge product have a defect and we are not able to help you via phone, we organise a free of charge, Europe wide pick-up of the package at our customer’s preferred address during the time of the warranty. 

This pick-up service can be booked at an inexpensive price even after the warranty expired. 

  Handling time

Our new, highly modern service EDP-system has been supporting our employees on their quest for an even more efficient handling of all products sent in for service.

Thanks to this optimization and the additional employees we have already been able to reduce our average handling time from 20-30 days to now 5-10 days.

We will reach our own target of 3-6 handling days within the next couple of weeks because we want to stand out against our competitors here as well!

As with the new boat production, individual tasks will be handled by specialists with many years of experience and the boats will be test-driven intensively on the lake afterwards. 

  Intensive function test

In general, all our boats are tested extensively on the lake before shipping it to our customers. Following a 80 points inspection plan, we test all functions on our test track on our test lake.

You would like to see our products live?
We’re happy to show you our in-house production and take you to see a test-drive on the lake.

If you have ordered a boat, we gladly offer you a free of charge briefing at the lake. Our technicians will then explain all your boat’s functions to you in detail.

Are you looking for a new challenge and would like to work for one of the largest and most successful companies in the fishing industry? As a rapidly growing world market leader in high-end fishing tackle and industrial mapping rovers, we offer you an interesting job in a modern working environment.

| 👥 Current vacancies at Carplounge:

 While the Covid-19 pandemic has meant a drop in turnover for most companies, Corona at Carplounge has led to the exact opposite: While we have grown by an average of 41% in recent years, the turnover has already tripled in the first half of 2020! 

    //  We are hiring![ Fulltime / Parttime | m/f ] ➡️ All Jobs in Detail 🔥

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