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Autopilot V3 - Raymarine - 3D Mapping


// MULTILAGUAGE Raymarine: all Detailsin englishfrancaisdeutsch & nederlands!

     APP FULL TRANSLATED:  in many more language:  Italian | Polish | Turkish | Russian | Czech | Slovakia | Slovenia


🔥 NEW: Raymarine WIFISH vs. DRAGONFLY // Special! 

- in our latest Raymarine #special we go into detail

Our Sales & Service Managers Daniel and Philipp explain the difference, tips & tricks and point out the advantages of the best wireless echo sounder for baitboats!   - exclusiv at Carplounge! 


🔥 NEW: "“SEEING IS BELIEVING”!" -Ali Hamidi @ Korda Masterclass

Our sales Manager Tobi visited Ali Hamidi on his fishing trip for the next #masterclass. You won’t believe what they have seen during lake mapping!

The Raymarine came up with dozents of big carp - all concentrated on one small spot! Of coure thats where Ali placed his Rigs :) #TEASER - of upcomming #Korda #Masterclass

The power of technology sometimes literally blows people’s safe to say what Ali Hamidi saw when he was joined by Sales Manager Tobi on a recent fishing session was something special. 👌🏽

Whilst Tobi and Ali mapping the lake, the incredible Raymarine Echo sounder system slowly drifted over an area that was sandwiched between Ali’s spots in the cold water, unbelievably it was full of carp which is often a signature of cold water fishing.

As Ali described to us: 
             50 metres might as well be 50000 miles in the cold, if you’re not on the fish then it really doesn’t matter how great the rest of your tackle, bait etc is, in this situation the echo sounder has literally pinpointed a huge shoal of fish in an area I had no rods! "

Let’s just say in the next 14 hours before Ali had to leave the lake he landed 4 carp to 59.12lb all off the new spots. - Well done Bro :)


🔥 RT4 Dragonfly Baitboat in Action - Summer 2019 !
✔️  3D Live Mapping: with Raymarine Dragonfly Chirp - exclusive at Carplounge with 400-600m wireless range!

✔️ easy create 3D full automatic HD depth maps in combination with our Carplounge Autopilot system!//

✔️  LAST CHANCE to save 1300€:
RT4 Autopilot - Raymarine - Mapping - All in RT4 Black Set 


  Raymarine - Wifish & Dragonfly - EXCLUSIV at Carplounge!

For a long time we have been ordering over 80% of all RT4 bait boats with a Raymarine echo sounder. To meet the extreme demand we now work even more closely with Raymarine:

Since August 2019 all Raymarine WiFish and Dragonfly Pro echosounders worldwide are exclusively reserved for Carplounge!

The price advantage, which we can get by this enormous purchase quantity, we pass on in our RT4 Raymarine Sets to our customers:

32% discount on our most ordered Baitboat Sets:
  // RT4 Raymarine Fox Blackset &
  // RT4 Raymarine Autopilot Fox Blackset




 Raymarine Echo &  RT4 Baitboat + Autopilot V3 + 3D Mapping
" ... by far the most professional combination for Baitboats - worldwide!"

Together with Raymarine we have developed for the WiFish and the Dragonfly Pro the most detailed longrange sonar for baitboats on the market. Due to our close cooperation, the Raymarine echo sounder was perfectly suited for our systems and we have optimized the radio range even for extreme distances.

Exclusive Integration! Carplounge is the only manufacturer in the world that offers a complete integration of the Raymarine Chirp echo sounder data - directly into our Carplounge Autopilot App! By transfering the ultra high-resolution depth data into our GPS autopilot V3, our customers will have a unique tool at their disposal with the 3D mapping function.

3D - Mapping! Create Depth Maps fully automatically with just 4 clicks - it has never been easier to get a detailed overview of a water's bottom structure and fish effectively! baitboat Control, Raymarine Echo, Autopilot and 3D Mapping - all clearly arranged on a 10"" screen Tablet!"


 Raymarine & Carplounge Cooperation! it's official!

  // Thomas Hilpert - Raymarine Germany:
  "...we are looking forward to work even closer with Carplounge and further developing of our wireless echosounders for demanding anglers and industrial customers. The Carplounge development department has evolved the RT4 Raymarine Autopilot Set into the world's leading remote controlled autopilot mapping boat in the last years.- Together we can now work even more effectively on the next generation of echosounders and into further updates of current Raymarine devices for the carplounge Boats!"

// 🔥 NEW: RT4 Baitboat Special!

In the latest Korda Masterclass 6, Ali Hamidi demonstrates the use of his RT4 baitboat and explains the benefits of the carplounge autopilot system in conjunction with the high-resolution Raymarine Dragonfly color-echosounder. Baitspirals / Baitscrews - Ali's tactic and rig to selective fishing. 3D mapping - so easy to generate 3D underwater maps live for an accurate overview of the soil structure.

" Watch this chapter to see the exact methods, including some new age tech, that Ali is 100% certain will help ANY angler enjoy more success on the bank and see their catch rate increase with ease! "

 #RT4 Raymarine Black Set with 1300€ discount:

🔥 RT4 Baitboat @ Lac des Lesmont
   // Aftersales Manager Daniel Radmacher shows his approach to new waters - and catches two 25KG + carp within just 1 hour :)
✔️ Create a 3D depthmap of your fishing area
✔️ Save and Baitup Interesting spots, as in this case a nearby sandbank, with the BaitSpirals
✔️ Place your Rig und Hookbaits so accurate with the GPS Autopilot V3
🔥  Never been so easy: with the Carplounge autopilot Raymarine Set!


 Read instruction manuals? - carpanglers are all the same ;)

Even if we run a super up-to-date instruction portal for our customers with detailed instructions on all our products, there questions about video tutorials - especially about the most ordered RT4 - the Raymarine autopilot set with mapping.

We have complied with this request and show you all the steps - from unpacking the boat to creating an autopilot route to mapping the 3D map. In addition, our Aftersales Manager will give you some tips and answers frequently asked questions. ++12 Chapter Tutorial online!

🔥 RT4 Baitboat
   // -
individual production on order:

✔️ configuration, produktion
✔️ unboxing and action 🔥

RT4 Baitboat configurator - more Details available:
 new: CARPologyTV:

// Carplounge meets CARPology: "Servicemanger Daniel shows us the latest version of the international bait boat no. 1: 

- the RT4 Raymarine GPS Autopilot Set with full automatic 3D depth-mapping."
 RT4 Autopilot APP UPDATE V.3  
Carplounge Boss Alex - RT4 with latest updates in action!

In this video you can see one of the many benefits of our RT4.

// next level angling - Easy as that! 
 CARPLOUNGE @ Dragon Island  

   [EN]  SOCIAL'18 - PT. 1 
   //  RT4 Raymarine GPS in action & nice Carps!

Follow our team to Dragon Island and get valuable tips on how they have been using their RT4 Baitboats to catch big carp including the lake record fish at 65lb! 

 CARPLOUNGE @ Dragon Island  

   [DE]  SOCIAL'18 - PT. 2
   //  RT4 Raymarine GPS in action & nice Carps!

Follow our team to Dragon Island and get valuable tips on how they have been using their RT4 Baitboats to catch big carp including the lake record fish at 65lb! 
 Carplounge at Dragon Island 

At our latest team session we visited the new "The Carp Specialist" lake called "Dragon Island".

What beautiful lake with many nice carp! 
 Ali Hamidi from Korda about his RT4 Baitboat!

[EN] We are back from our recent trip to London where we met with carpfishing icons Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Darrell Peck from Korda! Fortunatly we had the chance to film an interesting video in which Ali Hamidi points out his opinion about using a #Baitboat in mondern day carp angling!
 carplounge & Nutra Baits Teamangler Seb @ Dragon Island

  // - RT4 Baitboat, Autopilot, Raymarine

carplounge & Nutra Baits Teamangler Sebastiaan Schuurman @ Dragon Island -cathing some nice carps with the RT4 Baitboat, Autopilot, Raymarine. Many nice shots from Seb:

➡️ New Video Online! 3D Live Mapping - create fullautomatic HD Depthmaps
➡️ Raymarine-GPS-Autopilot with 3D Mapping. New Tab2Map function!
➡️ Now with full google earth overley support, zoom and tilt without delay!
 English speaking   - 

All information about the Set [+]

🔥 Carplounge @ Carp Zwolle 2018 - NASH's Steve Briggs interview with CEO Alexander Radmacher
➡️ Steves Feedback after 1 year using the RT4 in every condition.
➡️ the reason for Steve to upgrade his RT4 with GPS Autopilot.
 English speaking   - 

All information about the Set [+]

🔥 Carplounge @ Carp Zwolle 2018 - Aftersales Manager Daniel Radmacher and AVIDs Ian Russell.
➡️ All about the new Raymarine-GPS-Autopilot Set with 3D Mapping. easy to use System - fullautomatic GPS Mapping in HD!
 English speaking   - 

 All information about the Set [+]

➡️ EN] Carplounge Serviemanager Daniel Radmacher - interview with Teamangler Seb about the new Raymarine Autopilot System 
➡️ No need for fishfinder display and remote control! Now with 570€ discount: All information about the Set [+]
 English speaking   - 

🔥 RT4 Baitboat in France 2017 - All information about the Set [+]
➡️ Carplounge Autopilot in action with 3D Depthmap,  BaitSpirals full automatic bait spreading route
 -   - 

🔥 Carplounge Teamangler Sebastiaan Schuurman explain the use of the BaitSpiral Screw System in detail:
➡️ [+]
 English speaking   - 

➡️ RT4 -detailed look Gerry Heapes from Ireland take a detailed look at all functions of his RT4 Baitboat. 
➡️ RT4 Baitboat at the Ijsselmeer with 30-40cm waves. No Problem for the Baitboat No. 1. [EN] All About the RT4 Baitboat: [DE] 
 English speaking   - 


🔥 CARPologyTV - CarpLounge RT4
➡️ "When you think of German engineering, you think class, reliable and quality, and their bait boats are no different. A closer look at the CarpLounge RT4 boat. Read the full review in issue 152 of CARPology."
 English speaking   - 


🔥 Carplounge RT4 Baitboat specification 2015
➡️ RT4 in Detail - Our Carplounge-Team member Philipp Braun explains in great detail the functions of the RT4 Baitboat
➡️ More detailed information about the RT4 Jets, Motors, Remotecontrols here [+]
 English speaking   - 


➡️ RT4 Baitboat at the Ijsselmeer with 30-40cm waves. No Problem for the Baitboat No. 1.
 -   - 

🔥 Carplounge RT4 in France - Baitboat Autopilot + Bluetooth wireless GPS - Futterboot im Einsatz
 -   - 

➡️ Shimano's Media Manager Simon Bates *RT4 unboxing* Long Time Carplounge user and Shimano's pro Staff Simon Bates
unravels the beauty of his RT4 Baitboat with Autopilot   -   - 

➡️ *englisch* All information about the BaitSpiral Baitscrews and RT4 Baitboat:
 -   - 

🔥 Testdrive at the carplounge Testlake with all Boats!
➡️ In general, all our boats are tested extensively on the lake before shipping it worldwide to our customers. Following a 80 points inspection plan, we test all functions on our test track on our test lake. [more about out tests]

🔥 Carplounge RT4 Baitboat Underwater Video

 -   - 


➡️ RT4 Baitboat @ Carp Zwolle 2017
  Interview with Steve Briggs (NASH) - why he chosed the RT4  
  Interview with Ian Russell (Avid) - about the new BaitSpirals and how they work
     "The quality and also the well-known first-class customer service of Carplounge convinced me finally to order the RT4" Steve Briggs told us 

🔥  Korda's Ali Hamidi picked up his preordered Baitboat @ the Big One 2017:
 Interview about: why Ali chosed the RT4, is the use of modern technic cheating? Mapping, Fishfinder and many more..."This is the latest addition to our Monster carp team. The Carp Lounge RT4 boat! Globally recognised as the best in the business" Ali Hamidi.

🔥 Gerry Heapes interview with carplounge Service Manager Daniel Radmacher @ the BIGONE Carpshow in UK 
➡️ All about about the BaitSpiral Baitscrew System and how easy to connect and control
 English speaking   - 

➡️ 2016 Carplounge Tackle - how we build Baitboats! 
➡️ Seb show you out 700 sqaremeter production and the single departures. Have a loog at the Updated Video 2017 ->
 English speaking   - 

 Gerry Heaps interviewed Carplounge Owner Alexander Radmacher @ the BIGONE Carpshow in UK about: The History of Carplounge, China Baitboats, Aftersales Service, new Winch Cam Pro Compact.

🔥Carplounge - Baitboat Produktion 2017/2018 - UPDATE
➡️ The Updated Video - how we produce 250 Baitboats every month with 20 Technicians
 English Subtitle [turn on]

 Carplounge Teamangler Interview: Sebastiaan Schuurman and Gerry Heapes 

➡️ Sebs recommendation about the different Options you can choose  (Motors, wireless Cam, BaitSpirals...) 

🔥 FOX Camolite RT4 Baitboat Racksack Set! 
➡️ For many years we have been asked for a backpack for the RT4. We launching a complete Baitboat bag series in cooperation with Fox International - in the modern FOX Camolite design! The bags are produced exclusively for us with the "FOX / Carplounge" label. [link +]

🔥 Baitboat Pod NEW
➡️ Stainless steel frame for the RT4 Baitboat - especially for stony or muddy banks. Made entirely of stainless steel, the Boat Pod has 4 quick-lock adjustable legs for use in any situation. 


 Carplounge LoungeBox - 12V Outdoor Powerpack with up to 100aH
- recharge everything! Gerry Heapes explain the Loungebox LiIon Powerpack with all functions: [link +]

➡️ NEW: Carplounge Baitboat Lifter for our RT4, RT3 and RT2 Baitboats 
➡️  all information about the Lifter: [EN]

🔥 wireless winchcam Compact Pro 2017
➡️ Wireless Downdrive Cam with 20meter Cable - Find the perfect Spot and check your Rig regularly: link [+]

 Toslon TF640 Echo Sounder fish finder with GPS 
➡️ Gerry Heaps: "I take a look at the very cool RT4 bait boat and the very sophisticated echo unit with built in GPS - The TF640 Toslon Echo Sounder with GPS Available for the RT4 bait boat, this echo unit not only allows you find the spots in your swim but it also allows you to mark the spots and record them via GPS." Toslon RT4 Set with 200€ Discount [+]

🔥 Toslon TF500 - Full Screen Color Fishfinder

➡️ Good Echossounder for a fair price!

 Toslon RT4 Set with 200€ Discount [+]

 behind the scenes with Carplounge at "the Big One" carp show 2016 in England.
➡️ Interview with Ian Russell (Avid Carp) about his RT4 Baitboat.  

➡️ **Turn on english Subtitle**
  English speaking 
  german speaking [with subtitle] 

 Carplounge Autopilot - First Prototype 2015 test in France with Seb
➡️ How to use the new Carplounge Autopilot
➡️ Save countless Spots on your Tablet and the Autopilot bring your Rigs onto your Spot full automatic and returns home!

 Carplounge RT4 Autopilot Tutorial - English 2016
Rowan Charnick and Tom Robson made a nice tutorial Video: " Filmed on our recent trip, Feb 2016, we take you through how to use the Carplounge Autopilot fitted to the Carplounge RT4 Baitboat - we cover the setting up of GPS points, creating routes and setting up route tasks  (drive to point, drop bait/left hopper/return home)"

🔥 RT4 pulling rowboat on Gigantica

➡️ Just for Fun :)

Back @ Home from the BIG ONE Carpshow 2017- Video Online! Korda's Ali Hamidi picked up his preordered Baitboat and gives us an interview:- why he chose the RT4, is the use of modern technic cheating...
We have hold back the price increases for a while now, but due the price increases from our suppliers we have to raise some prices in the upcoming weeks and discontinue current special offers. If you...
Proline's CEO Henk - RT4 BaitSpiral upgrade -Friday, February 10, 2017
Henk Suylen, head of Proline Products: "with the baitspirals carplounge offers its customers an advantage for completely new baiting strategies. The processing, the "plug and play"- principle and the...
Steve Briggs collect his RT4 -Friday, February 10, 2017
Back @ Home from Carp Zwolle At the end of an amazing fair in Zwolle, Nash's Steve Briggs picked up his pre-ordered RT4 at our booth. "I've heard a lot about the Carplounge boats but since I've trie...
now 50000+ Fans on facebook! -Friday, July 1, 2016
With more than 50k fans and followers on our Facebook page, this is by far worldwide biggest fan site around the topic bait boats....
behind the scenes with Carplounge at "the Big One" carp show in England. Interview with Ian Russell Carp Angler (Avid Carp) about his RT4 Baitboat. **Turn on english Subtitle** ...
Improved customer service! -Monday, April 4, 2016
Due to the rising number of orders we have improved our customer service for you. If you have any questions about products you already purchased or about the current status of your order you can cont...
english Videos Online! -Monday, April 4, 2016
Watch a selection of recent video in english. All Carplounge videos can be found in our Youtube channel: *All Videos in english or with english subtitle*...
Carplounge at the Carpin on in UK -Monday, April 4, 2016
This year we once again had a booth at the Carpin’ On exchibition in England. By now we are also the clear market leader for high end bait boats in England – the mother country of bait boats. This ye...
Marco Nowacki is the regional sales manager for Graupner Modellbau in North rhine Westphalia. He is a professional model builder and works for one of the most prestigious model electronics suppliers....