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Roger Spendiff - UK

"Please see pictures attached, caught these lovely scaled mirrors, using my RT4, the best bait boat I ever owned, more than happy with the RT4,  chose this boat after much research across the market & previously owning a microcat, which wasn’t in the same league as the RT4. 

The battery life on the RT4 is amazing, with the backup battery fitted, a quick switch on the handset gives me peace of mind, of never running out of battery on the lake.

I haven’t found anything I don’t like with this boat, i have had this boat just over a year now & it has never one let me down. Great work Carp lounge, I am now looking to purchase a second boat with the auto pilot system.
Many thanks!"



Daniel Tischner Germany *translated*

"Günni Tischner - RT4 - the flagship!
A few years back I had a relatively high wearout when it came to bait boats even though none of them lived up to my expectations. For three years now I have been the proud owner of a Carplounge RT4. I can barely imagine my fishing without this flagship anymore.

I can reach spots that others cannot throw to or place their rods. I'm flexible and feel free with this boat. Especially when you're only on the water for one short night, who wants to put in the extra effort of pumping up an inflatable boat and carrying it around for only a few hours?! With the RT4 all that is done in no time! Batteries in, food and installations in the food compartments and let's go.

My favourite was also able to convince during longer sessions especially due to the long life of the batteries. That way two batteries and one replacement can allow you to cover 2 weeks and a distance of 20 km! Just awesome! With the help of the integrated echo sounder you can quickly find good spots even in unknown waters.

When it comes to fishing, you can usually go without a lot of things. However, I would not want to do without my flagship, the RT4…because I am sure that it doesn't only make fishing more relaxed but also helps to catch many big fish!

And I have to add, that the Carplounge Team is available pretty much around the clock to help with questions or other concerns! This service as well as the boats of the Carplounge company have my highest esteem! Keep going like this guys! Best regards and TL - Günni"



Andy Reen - UK

"My girls love to come fishing with me and are always arguing who gets to control the RT4! If the rod goes and they used the boat to deliver the bait they claim it as their fish (when the fish is big its mine, haha) .

'It took quite a leap of faith so send my money overseas to a bait boat company but i have to say its one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. Historically i rented boats from UK companies which always went wrong -batteries not holding charge, remotes giving up at range, one boat even sunk! Bad news if you are fishing abroad. I wanted a boat that was reliable every-time i used it no matter where i was. This lead me to choosing the RT4 from carplounge.

You quickly realise where your money has been spent when you use it. Everything from the boat right down to the battery charger, its quality. Ive been using the RT4 for over two years now and had zero issues like i had with previous boats. The RT4 also creates such a buzz on the lake with lots of anglers asking questions about it. Recently it went back for an motor upgrade, returned a few weeks later and is running even better. The service levels are fantastic and i wouldn't buy a boat from any other company - highly recommended"



Sascha Winge Germany *translated*

"I have been in love with the idea enthusiastic about the method of "placing food and installation with the help of a bait boat" for a long time. Unfortunately I was lacking the money to buy a highly innovative bait boat like the RT4.

Therefore for 3-4 years I was only able to pine for the boats when I passed the Carplounge booth at numerous fairs. 4 years ago I decided to buy a cheap boat. Sadly I had to realize quickly that the quality and consistency, which I had been hoping for, was lacking. Since I had to change the batteries after 2 or 3 runs as well as the batteries of the remote it gave way to disappointment...

Then one year ago, I was browsing Carplounge's website and put together my desired boar like so many times before, put it in the shopping cart and then...yeah and then the same big question: should I, should I really order it?!?! So much money... in the end I didn't order once again. A week later I picked up my phone, requested a call on their website and waited patiently for the call. It rang! Exactly at the requested date and time. I heard 'Daniel Radmacher Firma Carplounge' and I talked to Daniel about the purchase of a RT4 and was able to ask all my questions which were all answered 100% competently.

I didn't simply want to spend all this money with one click on the buy button which is why I was looking for a personal conversation. It came even better! Since I was living close to the Carplounge company I asked whether I could come by problem they told me. So we quickly found a date for the visit and it ended up being even more than that...after a cordial hello from the boss himself I got a whole tour through the production (which you don't get every day). After the private tour Alex and I sat down to talk about the offer and once again all my questions were answered. It all seemed to fall into place, actually it all was perfect so I couldn't resist and actually did it... I commissioned the manufacturing of my RT4!
Wow, I was happy! Not even 4 weeks later, my boat was ready to be picked up. So I quickly begged my boss to let me finish early and I was off to Willich! There it was, my RT4 😊 after a comprehensive briefing from the technician I headed straight for the lake. I usually fish at smaller lakes with less than 5 ha. So you could think that you wouldn't really need a boat...Right!!! Technically no but they have a lot of structure and overgrown shore areas which are very hard to find or to access without "technology".

Finally I was able to access the beautiful spots under the overhanging tree and to place my rig and bait exactly there. It didn't take long for this technique to prove itself (see the photos attached). Everything has been to my full satisfaction and even if there was a question a quick chat on the phone with Daniel or Marcel quickly helped to handle everything without any back and forth! My personal conclusion: I haven't regret the purchase of my Carplounge RT4 for even a second!!!! "



Michael Ziegler Germany *translated*

"I have had my RT4 boat for roughly 5 years now and I regularly have it upgraded. I started with the GPS, then the auto pilot - as far as I know I had one of the first ones that Carplounge installed about one and a half years ago.

At first the system had some tiny issues - however, since I spend a lot of time on the water I was able to assist the guys from Carplounge with the further development and was able to test new versions as one of the first ones on the water. By now so many things have been optimized during the regular updates and even my own wishes have been implemented - the auto pilot is a lot of fun!

My spots are always saved and approached by the auto pilot. This exact placing has brought me a lot of fish and my dream catch which weighed over 30 kg which I wouldn't have been able to catch by casting. The next thing to get will be the spiral system and 3D mapping. It is simply amazing that is possible to implement new pieces at any given moment - thus it is possible for every angler to extend his dream boat step by step as one would like to have it! "



Mario Kolter - Germany *translated*

"I can tell you for sure that the RT4 is worth every cent and it was a good decision to buy this boat. It really saved my ass a few times in very difficult situations and helped me catch a beautiful fish. Even my friends were able to profit from the boat.

There were three of us all together at a big river dam. During the weekend we were able to place all 9 rods often enough and didn't even go through 2 batteries. What more can you ask for? At my regular lake I was often able to directly see the fish on the echo sounder and to place my bait a few meters away.
Soon after I would hear the desired sound, I would put the rod back out after having caught the fish which is ready for the shooting and with the boat having gone half way i would hear this great sound again. Same procedure with the same rod and I got another over 30 kg catch. It was an amazing weekend with my RT4 🤘🤘"



David Dyson - UK

"The rt4 caught me all these fish and hundreds more with precise placing of baits at long range using gps..echo.. and just a little skill placing my MadBaits

...i cannot describe how reliable this boat is ...many of my friends have bought an rt4 after seeing mine prove itself time and again!"




Patrick Donner - Germany *translated*

"RT4 - the fear of the Carps :)
Finding the carps'  feeding routes is the aim we all share… once we found them, we want to get back to this very same spot after each bite…All this has to be done regardless of the weather which could mean during heavy rain and strong gusty winds as well as quickly during short sessions and during the night...

Who would be keen to sit on the water with the rod on the shore and while the carps are pretty much attacking the hotspot we're unable to get our installation to the fishing spot...not with the RT4...the integrated power engines as well as the neatly designed hulk allow for a safe navigation and placement of the installation even in the worst weather conditions...

the echo sounder and GPS  don't only upgrade it but also takes all your well earned minutes of sleep at the waterside during its finest hours...I wish all of you a great time on the water and a lovely present in form of a RT4 unter the christmas regards,  Buddy"



Marc von Raaij - Holland *translated*

"Quality Matters.... Searching for a new baitboat is quiet a challenge, but in the end a lot of fun. After a first oriëntation on websites, reviews, experience of Friends I had a shortlist with 4 suppliers of highend boats. Next step was visiting these companies/ carp shows, of course to see their products, try the boats, but even more to meet the team. After this I was 100% convinced that the RT4 was the right choice, for some reasons:

TEAMSPIRIT: Carplounge team is dedicated, enthousiastic and friendly, all with their own specialism and a great drive to help customers.  Besides this, they are proud to show you the Ins and Outs of their boat and you can see with your own eyes what kind of impressive technic is inside the RT4.

HIGH END: What I especially like about The RT4 is the possibilty to upgrade the boat with all kinds of innovative features over the years. I bought the RT4 in 2015, a year later the Autopilot and for 2017 the Distance control and Baitspiral are on my wishlist. I'm sure that the Carplounge team will come up with brilliant ideas in the future.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Really solving problems is one of the strengths of a quality company.  I had a small issues at the beginning - Fortunately the professional Carplounge team was very helpfull and solved it in no time.

HAPPY CARP ANGLERS: Together with my son Joost  I used the RT4 for some fish trips, you can call it reliable highend Toys for boys. We are convinced that buying  a RT4 gives you high pleasure and in the end more beautiful carps. 

It's the quality that counts. The Dutch Team Joost and Marc van Raaij"



Holger Götz - Germany *translated*

"From the 15th till the 21st of June I finally made it back to the water. This time I went to a new lake, a storage reservoir where the use of boats is prohibited. Thankfully the use of bait boats is permitted.

Thus I was able to use my beloved RT4!! Since this lake attracts a lot of anglers, it wasn't easy to catch fish. I covered quite an area with the bait boat and decided to place the rods over a distance of 300 m. This proved to be the right choice since I was able to pull a beautiful fish on land.

Thanks Carplounge, here you find the help you need 🙂👍"



Richard Fielding - UK 

"Around two years ago I decided to purchase a bait boat for my upcoming trip to France as I have never owned one.

I went online to see what people were saying about the boats on the market and I kept on seeing these boats called Rt4 from carplouge being mentioned as the best on the market so I decided to buy one and I have to say it's the best thing I have ever bought.

Here are a few fish I have had the pleasure of catching in the past two years with the help of my Rt4. "



Chris Schulz - Germany *translated*

"One boat, 2 kids and little time for preparations.
Being a passionate angler of carps, an optimal preparation of my bait areas is the most important thing for me. Days or weeks before the season begins, different areas with different depths have to be searched with an inflateable boat and an echo sounder, found and prepared. The success proves me right and confirms the statement "He who invests a lot in preparation, will be rewarded later"

A big change occured in my life about 11 months ago. My wife's gynaecologist congratulated us for she was pregnant with two. They were definitely planned and all the time I had invested in preparing the bait areas so far, now went into the renovation of the kid's room. I realised quickly that the kids would require a lot of time and nerves.

I needed a solution since fishing had become a very important part of my life, calmed me down and functioned as an offset to the daily routine. The idea was found quickly: I needed something to prepare bait areas fast and without much effort. I had to be able to move my assembly to the right spots with the same standard as if I was using the inflatable boat and the echo sounder.

Morevoer, there shouldn't be much equipment and it should be suitable for fast and spontaneous sessions for a couple of hours. Fast is a word barely used in the world of fishing carps. There was only one solution: a bait boat

Since service, quality and the equipment are the main criteria, there was only one (my) correct choice. I had to get a RT2 😊Checking the features, I quickly realized that an RT3 is still better and after a few hours I finally opted for the RT4. That way I don't have to pass on anything.

After I placed the order, I immediately sent my Lowrance Elite 4HDI to Carplounge. 5 days later I received it back with my Demo-RT4 including the auto pilot. Now I could tackle all the problems in the area of fishing: I can easily look for my spots and mark them. Regular feedings don't take more than 5 minutes of my time and 3 clicks on the tablem. And above all within a few minutes my rods are layed out all across the lake. Thus I can enjoy the luxury of a perfectly prepared session even within those short sessions.

When I had it at home mounted to use, I was impressed by the workmanship and was able to convince my wife to let me test it for a few hours on the lake. I opted for a small lake with many structures. I had only fished there once before without any success.

Once I set up the tablet for the engines, I picked 2 spots. One was at a distance of 30 m and the other one at a natural distance of 180 m below a tree. The water temperature was around 7 degrees. Originally I wasn't too hopeful to catch anything since I only had 4 hours at the lake. However, only 30 minutes in... a strong bite at the 180 m spot... I hadn't suspected that und after a short powerful drill I had a 14 pounds mirror carp in front of me and the best thing: 5 minutes later the rod was back at the exact spot again.

Bottom line: without the RT4 I couldn't have caught this fish and thus wouldn't have had this amazing ending to a great year 2016. I'm already looking forward to next years especially since I have a lake of 40ha with an afflux about 200m from my doorstep and now I can lay out my continuous feeding areas. "
*Regardless of the raffle, many thanks to the team for the support*"



Sven Kirstgen - Germany *translated*

"It's very easy to say why I chose the RT4 in the end! At the fair 2015 in Zwolle I got very good advice and good friends like Olaf Barz and Jojo Schmit completely convinced me with demonstrations.

Your company convinces with very high-quality components and impeccable service.

Here are my photos of my RT4 in action and a fish that was caught 300m away which I would never have been able to reach by throwing. Kind regards and a merry Christmas time.


Alexander Siegrist - Germany *translated*

"Hey everyone - On the photo you can see a bighead carp of 39 kg which I was able to catch with the help of the RT4, knewing the right spot spot to use due to the echo sounder and due to a little luck.

Without the RT4 with the inbuilt echo sounder I would never have been able to fish at this exact same spot and thus be unable to make this catch. 2nd picutre shows a common of 15 kg which I was able to catch under an overhanging tree at a distance of about 100m on a plateau which wouldn't have been possible without the RT4, the echo sounder and especially the auto pilot/gps.

I chose the RT4 because the producer doesn't look back but instead always looks ahead and develops his boats and equipment continuously further. I wanted to have a bait boat that I can rely on 100% and have the option of getting informed about news and special upgrades even after the purchase had been made. Then you ask yourself the question whether you would be content with a Fiat if you could also be driving a Porsche.

Thus, I decided to buy the RT4 and am pleased until today that I made this purchase. Despite the fact that it was a lot of money (with the auto pilot reef, echo sounder, etc. ) and at first I questioned myself whether it was the right choice. However, I have been able to catch a significant higher amount of fish with this bait boat and the service is just impeccable. Thus my initial concerns disappeared quickly and I'm going to get new bait spirals put in as well as a spod cam. Regardless whether you need it or not, my mojo is you have what you get and once you have it you can't imagine not having it. It was like that with the boat as well and I cannot imagine fishing at my normal spot without it anymore. My chances of a catch have doubled if not even trippled.

It will remain to be my loyal companion throughout 2017 and then hopefully with the bait spirals and the spod cam and who knows what other news the year might bring. i am looking forward :)"



Laszlo Kemenczes - Germany *translated*

"I caught a lot of fish with the help of the RT4. For my birthday we rented a nice log cabin directly on the water. Inflatable boats were not allowed on the water so I tested my new RT4 for the first time.

Awesome design, amazing lights, fast, reliable - I was delighted. Our biggest catch was a 18.5 kg mirror carp.

I also took my RT4 to Hungary. During our family holiday we had yet another log cabin on the water. I used my RT4 for fishing for a whole week. Since I had two longlife batteries with me this was not a problem. We caught about 50 fish, grass carps, mirror carps, etc. The biggest one was a 15 kg grass carp. I also use the RT4 for filming and I'm very satisfied. Thank you Carplounge…"


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Its simple: just send us a few picturs of your RT4, a nice carp you caught with the help of the RT4 and a short description about, why did you choose for the RT4? What are your thoughts about it? Are you happy with it? 

We will publish this on our website into the new Sektion "Customer-Feedback". All published pictures/stories will take part of a competition, we raffle a prize among all the feedbacks we received.

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